What is My N3RD?

My N3RD (Pronounced Nerd) is a revolutionary Wi-Fi product that allows you to control any device from your Smart Phone. No internet or router required.

My N3RD can control every gadget, vehicle and appliance you own. It works with the My N3RD app to upgrade ANY switch into a wireless controlled, programmable, and automatic smart switch, updating all of your devices into intelligent connected ones.

How Do you Connect?

How Does it Work?

  • Connect and Control devices directly. No internet connection or router required.

  • Works with DC and mobile applications such as Cars, RVs, and boats. My N3RD is not just limited to your home.

  • Connects to ANY switch, enabling you to upgrade virtually anything, not just simple appliances like fans and lights.

  • Simple setup. You only need to configure functions in the App once, and you can reuse them again and again.

  • My N3RD is equipped with two relays and two inputs that can be used with external switches and physical switches to create a wide variety of uses.

  • My N3RD is smart. You can program My N3RD to act without your intervention. Use the app to set timers for appliances and electronics.

  • (Cloud compatibility coming soon) - Although My N3RD has direct connect capability, it can also be connected through your home WiFi so you can control your devices from anywhere. Upgrade anything to an Internet of Things device.



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