Q: When will the Android App be available?

A: The Android App is available Now! On Google Play Click Here to get it! (For Production N3rds only)

Q: What's the difference between the original My N3rd and My N3rd 2.0 Apps? Which one do I need?

A: The Original My N3rd iOS App works with the Beta version hardware that was only shipped before July 2014. My N3rd 2.0 is available in both iOS and Android and works with units shipped after 12/1/2014.

Q: How do I connect My N3rd to my home network?

A: Click iOS or Android for instructional videos showing you how to connect your N3rd to an existing network. *Remember when setting up a Wi-Fi connection please note that the SSID and password are case sensitive. If you get stuck, you can reset the Wi-Fi  settings by shorting the 2 pins of P5 (above the power LED) together at power up for 5 seconds. We’re going to implement the reset button in the next firmware release.

Q: Will My N3rd connect to my Wi-Fi network if I'm using WEP security?

A: Currently My N3rd will not work with WEP. For best results use WPA2.

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