Final Hours!

Help us Reach Cloud Integration!!! Buy 5 or more My N3RDs and get 15% off of your total purchase!

We are offering this special deal to our Backers in a last push effort to reach our Cloud Stretch Goal. We have also reduced the goal to $100k. No matter what happens, we are committed to creating Cloud Support for My N3RD. However, If we can reach our stretch goal by the end of the campaign, we can bring on the additional resources to have Cloud Support for My N3RD ready by Production. Help us spread the word and reach our Cloud Stretch Goal!

Order 5 or more My N3RDs (these can be beta or production units, with or without +5db antenna and in any combination) Then take 15% off of the total price (not including shipping). Here's an example, for an order of 5 production My N3RDs take 5 x $75 = $375, then multiply x .15 = $56.25 now subtract this amount from the original $375 for a new total of $318.75. (don't forget to add $30 for International Shipping).  To adjust your pledge go to Backer history under Account. Then Click on My N3RD and next click theedit button next to the amount pledged. Type in the new amount.