Cloud Compatibility

 First and most importantly, thanks for your patience as we continue to work through the issues associated with getting cloud support released for the N3RD.

 When we kicked off this project we had arranged for two outside developers to develop apps for us. One was dedicated to iOS and one dedicated to Android. Working with two developers was painful, and what we thought would allow faster time to market due to parallel paths ended up costing us time as each system had their own quirks and idiosyncrasies and managing two developers towards a common user experience was bigger than anticipated. Then our iOS developer informed us that he wouldn’t be able to complete our project as he had another commitment and our project was running too long. Our Android developer was able to step up and complete the iOS app and the Android app for the initial release, but became overwhelmed while trying to implement cloud support in both Android and iOS going forward. Couple that with the firmware updates and Wi-Fi module issues we were working on and it was difficult to develop quickly as our feedback loop was quite long.

 Finally we decided that we had to make a change. About a month ago we hired a full time developer to help us get past this hurdle. He is in the office now and has gotten up to speed with our cloud provider and is working to finalize the implementation in Android. Our goal is to have that released by the end of the year. We will follow up with the iOS version as quickly as we can after Android is done, but don’t want to estimate a time until our developer can get in and look through the existing code. Please know that we are committed to getting the cloud functionality released and in your hands as quickly as we can.  

Thanks and have a Happy (N3RDY) Thanksgiving!